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Pension Plans

Dry Associates Provident Pension Plan (DAPPP)

Tailor-made both for individuals and corporates, Dry Associates offers a retirement benefits plan, namely the Dry Associates Personal Provident Plan (DAPPP) through which individuals in their own right or employees of organizations can save for their retirement in a tax-efficient manner. With over 20 years experience in investment management, you can rest assured that your retirement savings are in good hands with the returns being competitive within the industry.

Please find here the DAPPP Fact Sheet: DAPPP Fact Sheet

For Individuals, joining DAPPP is done simply by filling in a 2-page membership form and providing a copy of your identification document with monthly or annual contributions being paid in flexible or fixed amounts.

Please find attached here our Individual Brochure for DAPPP.

Please find attached here our DAPPP Application Form.

For organizations sponsoring membership in DAPPP, we will gladly to come to your offices and make a presentation to yourselves and your members of staff on the benefits of joining DAPPP. Having a retirement savings plan has multiple benefits for business and non-business organizations. Perhaps the most important are attraction and retention of superior staff which will clearly impact organizational performance. Your employees need to just fill in a simple 2-page form and provide a copy of their identification document with flexible or fixed monthly contributions coming out of their paychecks. The employer may or may not decide to contribute a set amount towards their employee’s retirement savings plan – further increasing the attractiveness of working at their company.

Please find attached here our Corporate Brochure for DAPPP.

Please find attached here our DAPPP Application Form.


Notice of AGM of Dry Associates Personal Provident Plan.

Please click to here to join the meeting: DAPPP AGM Notice 


We look forward to hearing from you and having you join the DAPPP, and watching your savings grow!

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